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• Black Witchery "Upheaval of Satanic Might" LP

RM 88.00

Osmose Productions

White Vinyl

Black Witchery's Upheaval of Satanic Might is possibly the most ferocious, abrasive album they have done up to this point and that says a lot for a band as extreme as them.

The riffs are primitive, violent powerchord progressions similar to Celtic Frost, but backed up by drumming at twice or sometimes even three times the speed. Check out the overwhelming minute-and-a-half onslaughts of songs like "Profane Savagery" and "Scorned and Crucified" and you'll hear what I mean. The guitar tone, of course, is thick and wretched. The song structures are simple and effective with the short riff phrases being repeated to such an extent in the two to four minute song lengths that it gives the entire album a captivating intensity that may have been ruined if the band had attempted something different only for variety's sake.