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Orange Cliff Records

Beach Boys, Dinah Shore, Brigitte Bardot, Burzum, Napalm Death, and Francoise Hardy were some of the names Orange Cliff Records threw in when they first discovered and listened to Vira's work at Soundcloud at the time. Drawing inspirations from retro period of rock n' roll, surf rock, bossa nova and Yé-yé, here's Vira Talisa Dharmawan presentation of breezy, romantic and playful debut EP.

Recording methods that tend to be minimalist, vocal and game that seem effortless (and sometimes sloppy), to the selection of smart cover songs, trilingual (which is very vulnerable to failures in execution), and well referenced really make us want to contribute in the footsteps the journey of a Vira Talisa. All songs are written by Vira Talisa, assisted by Romain Baousson in the process of arranging, recording and mixing. The mastering process was carried out by Julien Courtois in Rennes, France, and the cover artwork was done by Ardneks / Kendra Ahimsa. Although it has been released previously through Vira's soundcloud account, "Walking Back Home" and also a number of other songs in the EP are more mature rearranged versions and recorded with 'proper'.