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• VARIOUS ARTIST - Nusantara Dub Connection CD

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CD with slipcase version

This Dub-themed music compilation consists of musicians and cross-town producers in Indonesia including the Angkatan Udara from Aceh and Jakarta combined, Roadblock Dub Collective from Lampung, High Therapy from Tangerang, Yella Sky Sound System from Jakarta in collaboration with Youthman from Bali, Dub Dog & Kusni Kasdut from Bandung, Baxlaxboy from Cirebon, King Masmus & Magixriddim from Surabaya, Radit Echoman from Gili Trawangan, and Tragic Sound System from Makassar.

The idea of making this compilation came from Dub House Records, after the compilation plan had been delayed since 2010 because at that time there were still relatively few musicians / producers who played Dub-themed music in Indonesia.

Over time and the emergence of musicians or producers who produce music with this theme, in 2019, Dub House Records gathered at least 10 groups or producers to participate in this compilation and successfully realize the plan 9 years ago.

Track Listings :

1. Tragic Sound System - Gegap Gulana
2. Anjing Dub - Kedelai Keledai
3. Radit Echoman- Sensi Is Good ( Remix )
4. Yella Sky Sound System Meets Youthman & Zildsjamda - Politics ( Fyah Burn )
5. King Masmus x Magixriddim - Vegan Vegetarian
6. Roadblock Dub Collective - Intercity Dub
7. High Therapy - Sin Nation
8. Kusni Kasdut - Going My Way
9. Angkatan Udara - I'm Going To Tell You ( Nothing To Affraid )
10. Baxlaxboy - Have A Nice Dream