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• SECRET PROSTITUTES - Welcome To Punk...Viva La Evolucion...We Can Do LP

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Brand new LP from these Texas punk kings. The subtitle of this record is Viva La Evolución, and it's a fitting title as the band has expanded their sound quite a bit on this release. They've always had a flair for the unexpected, and there's certainly a lot of their snotty, 80s Euro-style punk on this full-length, but my favorite moments are the ones where the band is a little more adventurous, and a little more poppy / new wave-y. There are moments on this LP (particularly the brilliant last song) that recall Wire or the Buzzcocks at their finest, and while those are the moments that stick out the Secret Prostitutes are a multi-trick pony if I ever saw one. Like all of their releases, this one is highly recommended, but I'm pretty sure it's also my favorite SP record yet.