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• Plutocracy "Sniping Pigs" LP

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PLUTOCRACY was a Grindcore band from Redwood City, California and a major player in the West Bay (Northern California) underground fast music scene. They existed from 1988-1993 and then reformed in 1998 to record this album to honor former bass player Dan “Zodiac Killer” Hogan who had sadly passed. This is a long awaited re-pressing of this album, unfortunately following the death of another of the bands grindfather’s, STINKWEED MALONE. PLUTOCRACY’S musical style can be summarized in one word: Dankcore. A mix of grindcore, distortion, gangtsa rap, and multiple screaming voices with violent references to cops, smoking weed, and inside jokes regarding their “crew”, known to many as the “Doomryderz”. A now-classic foray into the demented heads of PLUTOCRACY, “Sniping Pigs” has stood the test of time where most other grindcore records of the era fall short.