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• No Security "Better Drunk Than War" Cassette

RM 15.00

BLACK color cassette with jewel case version

No Security strikes back again,from the chaotic and filthy streetsof Bukit Bintang, where true spiritof punk lives on, in between thosehorrible pavement pathways,disgusting multi-million corporate complexes, saddened sight ofhomelessness, pieces of brokenwhiskey bottle and bricks ofshattered hope and dream.

8 tracks of inciting pogo mayhem,full throttle intensity and abrasivelynihilistic working class anthem,including two covers originally doneby Jakarta’s street punk king andlegend, Lemots and the muchrespected Satellite. All these are wellcaptured and immortalized in top-notchand highly produced and engineeredwavelength. 

From nights of local gig in DIY spacesto regional tour shows where alcoholicbeverage that always seems to be neverenough to yearly tropic jungle festivalwith the endless misconceived andmisunderstood perceptions that camealong the way, Better Drunk Than Warwould be their finest release to date,the weapon of their choice, a stone thatwill kill many birds!!