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• NAGLFAR - Harvest LP

RM 90.00


Yellow/Brown Marble Vinyl
2015 Germany Pressing ( FI 065)

From the great country of Sweden, home to some of the finest metal acts ever, Naglfar has a sound typically called "Blackened Death Metal" or "Melodic Black Metal". This kind of music is great for those who enjoy both Melodic Death and Black Metal, or people who want to ease into Black Metal without diving headfirst into bands such as Darkthrone, Leviathan, Mayhem, Burzum, Dissection, or other classic Black Metal bands. What Naglfar does is combine black metal type vocals and wrap them around intricate riffs, melodic solos, and even some catchy choruses. All this is done with top notch production and the finest attention to detail. In other words, this is one of the most flawlessly produced Black Metal albums out there

So, what is there to say about Naglfar's 5th album.... brutal, melodic, emotional, and about a million other ways to describe their sound throughout this album. While some songs are indeed repetitive, its worth giving Naglfar a chance, because especially with the last two tracks, its shows how original and amazing this band can be, if only they can write a whole album of songs like "Feeding Moloch" and "Harvest" it would be a 5 for sure. Its worth picking up if you do see it in the store, as I'm sure you will be pleased with it.

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