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• LUCIFER - Lucifer I CD

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Lucifer is the recent incarnation of Gaz Jennings of doom legends, Cathedral, and Johanna Sadonis, of the short lived, but widely celebrated, The Oath. That collaboration alone was a drool-inducing affair for traditional doom enthusiasts. The Internet went ablaze when they dropped their promo video for “Izrael” in the early summer. The tune kicks in with a “make-ya-strut”-groove featuring Gaz’s trademark harmonies and Johanna’s flawless nightmare-lullaby vocal line. All of the imagery is there as well. Black hearse. Black cat. Kaleidoscope visions of masked figures in black. What’s not to love? I know this record has been on the market for a few months now, but given the band is currently touring my country and providing me with an opportunity to hear their fantastic music live, I wanted to share some thoughts on their strong debut, simply titled, “Lucifer I.”