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• KEN TERROR - Ken ArtBook

RM 250.00

360 pages
21.0cm  x 29.7cm (book only)
37.0cm x 23.0cm x 4.5cm (box only)
Foreword by Amenkcoy and Frans Ari Prasetyo
Designed by Herry Sutresna

The remarkable collection artworks of the amazing Ken Terror. After all the yeas of commission works for hardcore punk logos, flyers, albums/ep which also turned into merchandise such as t-shirt and tote-bag, this book really do the justice for all the endless labour and passionate dedication that he harvested, on every single lines and dots of his works, a simply majestic collection of Ken Terror’s hand-drawn artworks.

Launched on Nov 2nd 2019 during the Mamprang group exhibition held at Irregular Rhythm Asylum, Tokyo.

Ken Terror is an illustrator who’s know for making punk record covers & band logos. Also was a part of Domestic Doktrin and Hark! It’s A Crawling Tar-Tar while still handling the low-ends for the mighty Kontrasosial these days.

The book comes in Consumed Magazine special customized hard-cardboard packaging.