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• Kelompok Penerbang Roket "Menggilas Batas" 7"

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Jakarta's KELOMPOK PENERBANG ROKET is getting a positive response and feedback from the regional psych-rock lovers in the past couple of years. KPR consists of three personnels, namely John Paul Patton (bass & vocals), Rey Marshall (guitar), and I Gusti Vikranta (drums). They have produced a full album titled Teriak Bocah (2015 / Double Deer Records) and Tribute To Panbers titled Haai in 2014. Associating themselves with strong attachment of psychedelic and kraut rock elements in the '70s era, KPR was also involved in a live concept album project called "A Night At Schouwburg".

Menggilas Batas 7" contains two songs, namely titled Menggilas Batas and Pencarter Roket. This release is a no exception to the top brass of psych-rock, and they’re bringing back the glory days of psychedelic music as they already have the glory in their grasp.