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• CRUMBSUCKER - Life of Dreams LP

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Nothing new but always a good choice. The Crumbsuckers was a 80's hardcore band that formed 1982 in Long Island by bass player Gary Meskil in their home town of Baldwin. They were one of the first to mix the two genres, hardcore ethos and heavy metal pathos, on their debut album Life Of Dreams. For me it is a absolute killer record. Songs like 'Bullshit Society', 'Shits Creek', 'Live To Work' or 'Mr.Hyde' are timeless classics that always current. The band speak out what I feel inside and I can listen to this album twice a fuckin' day. Yesterday I'll do this after a long time again and so it's reason enough to post it here. Worth mentioning the fantastic cover of Sean Taggert which is pretty cool. If you want more let's visit Dan's Blog and pick up the full blast, it's worth - believe me.