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Surabaya always has its own charm when we start talking about their music scene. Not many indeed, but some of them have a contrasting character compared to what appears mostly in other cities. It’s always interesting to talk about post-punk in this pretty heat port city instead. Cotswolds started their career in Indonesian indie scene in 2012, after one year they released their first EP, two years later followed by a split EP with bedchamber, an indie pop band from Jakarta. After performing for several tours and passing through various domestic gigs, at the end of 2017 Cotswolds will release their debut album titled ‘Tadius’. As a working group called Cotswolds, Windrata (Guitar & Vocals), Dwiki Putra (Guitar), Wing Wisesa (Bass), and Farras Fauzi (Drums) do it very well.

Tadius CD

Regardless from the meaning of a title, “Tadius” is a burst of expression for the anxiety that most young people experience when they begin to mature. While some of these youths face many complicated life problems, getting them drowned in dilemmas, depressed, fed up and culminating toward despair. It was at this moment that Cotswolds summarized it into the arrangement and verse of the lyrics, representing an album that contained 9 lines of harmony in the list. Listening means feeling the emptiness. The song’s rhythm in the album stimulates anxiety, highlighting with a melody that drives in a hurry, with worries on the head. Reverb vocals that began to sound as if shadows wherever footsteps walk when the day began to dark. The sound of this album is quite inspired by the dusty catalog of Postcard Records, some influenced by the repetition of the 70’s kraut-rock beats. The two old songs are re-recorded and loaded in laps, each taken from the best as the entities in the previous EP and Split material. “Dedicated to those who have and will experience anxiety in their maturity”

Sadly, vocalist/guitarist Windrata Faizal passed away on 22nd April 2019. RIP.