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• Aluk Todolo "Finsternis" Casssette

RM 18.00


Second Album. Here, my friends, is a frikken evil release. Prepare yourself for this should you choose to take the plunge into this album’s murky grasp. God damn this is depressing. Aluk Todolo have succeeded in making a release in a very, very difficult style; this being straight-up, repetitive minimalism. Repeat, this is extremely difficult to pull off. Offhand, I can’t even think of an album I’ve heard that did it and managed to stand out. Finsternis, yeah, this one does it. Plus, gotta love that artwork. Like other Utech releases we’ve encountered, it comes in a nice fold-out in a black slip case with black/white the dominate, and only, color scheme. The main imagery looks like some sort of dark fog bank with a disembodied female torso in the middle of it, barely standing out until you actually look at it.