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• Cometbus "Issue #58: Zimmerwald" Zine

RM 36.00

Publisher: Cometbus

Items estimate to arrive on 18th April 2023

• Pages : 44 pages
• Weight : 90g
• Size : 5.5" x 8.5" x 0.2"

by Aaron Cometbus AUTHOR

A teenager finds solace in a diner full of grumpy seniors during the heydey of San Francisco punk. It's a mythological place, full of ghostly archetypes, the aging veterans of scenes past and future. Reads like a novel, but is it fiction or barely disguised autobiography? Or is it the obituary of a movement? That's up to the reader to decide and Aaron to never let on. Either way, the backstory of the angry old woman glaring at you from the other end of the counter becomes a disturbing glimpse into your own future and distressing as this may be, it's hard to put down or get out of your head.