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• Thorr’s Hammer "Dommedagsnatt" LP

RM 120.00

Southern Lord Recordings

Color Vinyl.

The heavy darkness that started it all! Circa 1995: Thorrs Hammer was a short-lived doom/death metal band from Seattle, Washington, USA.  The group consisted of Runhild Gammelsæter, a Norwegian exchange student living in the US, on vocals, guitarists Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson, bassist James Hale, and drummer Jamie Sykes. The band played 2 shows and recorded “Dommedagsnatt" before splitting, with Runhild opting to concentrate on her education (she now has a Ph.D.) while O'Malley, Anderson, and Sykes went on to form Burning Witch. O'Malley and Anderson also perform as Sunn O))).  

“Dommedagsnatt” will be an upcoming Decibel Magazine Hall of Fame inductee!

Thick cardboard/tip-on style jacket.