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• Eddie & The Subtitles "Fuck you Eddie" LP

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The title comes from a 1980 concert: the infamous Eddie of Eddie and the Subtitles asked, "Anyone want to hear 'Louie Louie'?" and the singular response came back loud and clear: "FUCK YOU EDDIE!" And so 28 years later that witty comeback graduated from the title of Eddie and the Subtitles' debut 7" to our new compilation LP featuring both sides of the aforementioned single, the crème of their their LPs Skeletons in the Closet and Dead Drunks Don’t Dance as well as several unreleased demos. Eddie and the Subtitles had a critical role in creating the Orange County punk scene; in their heyday, all the lands south of Los Angeles were known as “The Eddie Empire.” The tracks on Fuck You Eddie! are at once sloppy, fast, fun and profound in their own way. No punk rock collection is worth a damn without it!