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Profound Lore Records (USA)

PROFOUND LORE was born in Canada on 2004 by one and only Chris Bruni, which began as the 'hobby-like venture' of a few friends but, over the past six years, the label has evolved into a one-man enterprise, shaped a distinct 'aesthetic identity' and provided owner Chris Bruni with a full-time job.

Here is all the bands that been released by P.Lore : Abyssal, Agalloch,Alcest, Altar of Plagues, Amber Asylum, Amesoeurs, The Angelic Process, Artificial Brain, Asunder, Ash Borer, Atavist, The Atlas Moth, Bell Witch, Bosse-de-Nage, Bloody Panda, Caïna, Castevet, Cobalt, Coffinworm, Crucifist, Dälek, Disma, Full of Hell (band), The Gates of Slumber, Hammers of Misfortune, The Howling Wind, Impetuous Ritual, Krallice,Lingua Ignota,Ludicra,Menace, Ruine, Mitochondrion, Monarch!, Nadja, Pallbearer, Pissgrave, Portal, Prurient, Pyramids, Saros, Sannhet, Slough Feg, Subrosa, Sumac, Vasaeleth, Wayfarer, Winterfylleth, Witch Mountain, Wold,Wolvhammer, Worm Ouroboros, Wrath of the Weak, Yakuza, Yob

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