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• To The Point "Reinventing The Wheel: The First 25" LP

RM 98.00

Rotten To the Core Records

First 25 songs by to the point back on vinyl. Featuring no one relevant. Caveman on vocals, Ropes on the six string, Mr. Burns on the 4 lowest strings, and Red 40 on the cardboard drum. Hardcore tunes that will make your neighbors want to be your best friend.

This is the U.S. version and it features alternate artwork from the German pressing on RSR. It also has an alternative version of the song "This Song Will Hurt You" that's on the RSR pressing. It's titled "This Is Los Angeles" on this pressing. This is officially a co-release with Deep Six and is limited to 200 copies on splatter and 300 copies on mixed marble. Includes a digital download.