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• Disharmonic Orchestra "Repulsive overtones? 88-89" 2LP/2CD

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F.O.A.D Records

Grindcore inspired death metal in their own highly original style, blending angular, dissonant riffs with a unique rhythmic approach. From the very early demos and rehearsals showing the early steps in their inclination to channel heavy, lilting sounds in a deadly blender of hardcore edginess to the bone-crushing split LP and 1st EP recordings perfectly fitting the late '80s Nuclear Blast death/grind panorama with cult bands such as Righteous Pigs, Defecation, Atrocity, Disastrous Murmur and Pungent Stench... Ripped from the band's archival sources and remastered at for the most deafening sonic impact.

Limited to 350 copies on black vinyl (this) and 150 green/black "die-hard" copies

LP 1
Tracks 1-7 Split LP with Pungent Stench (1989)
Tracks 8-10 "Successive Substitution" 7" (1989)
Tracks 11-14 Rehearsal/Demo 1988

LP 2
Tracks 1-14 "Requiem for the Forest" Demo (1988)
Tracks 15-19 "The Unequalled Visual Response Mechanism" Demo (1988)

Bonus Private Rehearsal 1988 (previously unreleased).