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• Pre-order : SS Decontrol "The Kids Will Have Their Say" Cassete

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Trust! Records

• Out of print for almost four decades and is massively in demand amongst the band’s rabid fan base
• First officially sanctioned repress of the album since its initial pressing of 1,900 copies back in 1982
• Original tapes were completely restored by Dan Johnson at Audio Archiving Services
• One of the most iconic albums of the 1980s underground American hardcore scene
• The band will be doing press and appearances to support the vinyl re- release

CASSETTE FORMAT : Available on July 2024
Pre-order while stock last. (HOT PRICE!!!)

What is there to say about SS DECONTROL’s long out-of-print 1982 debut, The Kids Will Have Their Say, that hasn’t already been written? Long heralded as the first straight- edge album, this collection of songs captures a time and an era in the nascent hardcore scene before formulas and posturing. In other words, it’s an unfiltered, artistic statement that’s singular in scope and vision.

The Boston act’s debut was extremely limited, never repressed, and has gone on to have a life of its own despite the fact the only affordable way to listen to it has been low-quality streams on YouTube. Now, after being out of print for 40 years, the album will be available on vinyl by Trust Records with remastered audio and a painstaking recreation of the iconic cover art courtesy of Bryan Ray Turcotte. 

In many ways, SSD launched the hardcore scene in Boston as we know it and the band’s kinship with MINOR THREAT’s Ian MacKaye arose out of the fact that both acts refused to conform to society’s still shifting standards at the time. From the unbridled aggression of SSD’s “Boiling Point” to the stripped- down groove of “How Much Art,” the album was as reactionary as it was revolutionary and is an artistic statement that remains to be remarkably complex for a group of guys barely into adulthood.




1. Boiling Point
2. Fight Them
3. Do You Even Care
4. Not Normal
5. Wasted Youth
6. Jock Itch
7. Fun To You
8. V.A.
9. How Much Art


1. Boiling Point
2. Headed Straight
3. War Threat
4. Teach Me Violence
5. Screw
6. Who’s To Judge
7. Police Beat
8. United
9. The End